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As a PrizmDoc hosted customer I need to pass parameters to the server to display Excel files correctly

As a customer using and PrizmDoc hosted I need to be able to change the setting so that I can view Excel files as one "page" instead of having them broken.  

These setting are in  prizm-services-config.yml 

The are:

fileTypes.excel.pagination.dimensions.minWidth to 8.5in

fileTypes.excel.pagination.dimensions.minHeight to 11.0h

Types.excel.renderOnlyPrintArea: true


I understand that this may be implemented without giving me write access to a server's file, but I need a way to pass these setting along.

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  • Jul 19 2017
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SLX Ticket# PR-106
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    7 Dec, 2017 07:42pm

    Could we just change the settings on the ".br" (Brazil) server since it should affect very few other customers?