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As a PrizmDoc Hosted v13.1 customer, I would like to be able to create user-specific annotations.

As a PrizmDoc Hosted customer, I want to be able to create an application that allows users to create user-specific annotations. If I am allowing multiple users to create and share annotations on a document, I want something akin to a "user ID" system to be used with the annotations. Say I have users Alice and Bob both writing annotations on a document, I would like the ones that Alice makes to be clearly marked as made by Alice, and Bob's to be clearly made by him. This would allow viewing users to see who made marks/comments/etc on the shared document.

  • Thomas Pannozzo
  • Jan 17 2018
  • Will not implement
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  • Mark Fears commented
    28 Feb, 2018 04:40pm

    We don't handle user accounts or tracking individual users because the concept of a user is application specific. We expect the developer to create this. We do support what is needed in PrizmDoc so that our customer can develop that capability in conjunction with our annotation layers support. 

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