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As a customer, I would like to be able to read GS1 with CC-A Barcodes.

BarcodeXpress recognizes the GS1-128 part of the barcode (that is equivalent to the EAN-128), however, it doesn't recognize the MicroPDF417 part (CC-A).


The GS1-128 was formerly UCC/EAN-128 and BarcodeXpress read those.

The CCA is a composite with a micropdf417 barcode literally placed right on top of the gs1-128 barcode. The BarcodeXpress toolkit doesn't read them as a composite, and it doesn't read MicroPDF417

Here's a link that references to the GS1 with CC-A barcodes.

It would be nice if BarcodeXpress reads the whole GS1 with CC-A Barcode. 

  • Erika Arango
  • Oct 4 2017
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