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QR code in an email to link to completed document

As a workflow designer I would like the ability to send an email to a workflow user with a QR code link that, upon scanning, opens a document completed during the workflow.

As an end user I would like to be able have a workflow which sends a QR code to the workflow originator in am email so that they can produce that QR code as a proof of completion of the workflow. Scanning of the QR code should ope the completed document on my device so that I can review the information and confirm their entry.

This would enable the workflow to generate "QR proof" of completion and allow the sentry to easily verify entry. This could be used for COVID health access control, event registration access control, etc.

This would require taking the link that is currently embedded in the email as a button and converting it to a QR code as is done in the "Share Workflow", then embedding this QR code into the email so that it can be scanned on the users phone.

An additional add-on that would be useful is if this QR code could be easily added to the users phone wallet such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay so that users don't have to find the email in their inbox upon arrival. This is not a required feature to enable the functionality described above.

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  • Dec 7 2021
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  • Jeremy Ramos commented
    7 Dec, 2021 09:48pm

    Another way to think about this is to replace Download in emails with a QR code that takes you to the target document.

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