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As an Organization Admin, I would like to use the filter system to sort by additional types

All users could benefit from this, instead of having the filter system only sort by Start Date and Assignee

The customer has requested that we add additional sorting features search as

  • Instance titles

  • Assignees

  • Start Date

  • Completed Dates

And would like the ability to sort these, respectively, in Alphabetical Order and/or Chronological order

Quote from the customer:

I need the instance titles sorted in alphabetical order, or the assignees listed in alphabetical order, or the Start and End dates listed in chronological order.

This filter helps with the chronological order part of the request but not the others.
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  • Jun 17 2022
  • Needs review
Requested by: Customer
Prospect/Customer(s) Company Name(s): San Juan College
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