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As an OnTask Organization Admin, I would like the preview/download button of documents to be on the Instance itself, so that it's more user friendly to navigate to and isn't so hidden away

Customer requested adding the preview document/download document button on the workflow instance itself like how we have the trash can there

I know that there is a possibility of multiple instances of when a document can be reviewed/downloaded so perhaps when you select the necessary button you want a window will pop up with the versions/phases

Something like our "Revert Published Workflow" window but instead of reverting workflows we have one for "Review Documents" and another for "Download Documents"

Or perhaps the singular pop up window can just hold all of the information that our standard process holds and just displays review and download button there

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  • Oct 5 2022
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Requested by: Customer
Prospect/Customer(s) Company Name(s): Merlin Search Technologies
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