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As an OnTask admin, I'd like the ability to modify the displayed sender's name in emails that OnTask sends for me, so that my customers know the email is from me and I don't have to use a custom SMTP server.

Adding a way to modify the sender's display name on emails allows administrators to have a more convenient way to let their customers know who the emails from OnTask are really coming from compared to setting up a custom SMTP configuration.

In addition, the custom SMTP configuration can fail and fall back to OnTask sending the email directly which makes it less clear to the customer why they are getting it. Allowing OnTask to configure the display name of the sender would make the email more clear to the end user in this case.


  • Max Amneus
  • Oct 13 2022
  • Needs review
Requested by: Customer
Prospect/Customer(s) Company Name(s): United American Indian Involvement
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  • tracy berge commented
    18 Jan 10:33am

    Good idea Donkey kong

  • Andrew Johnston commented
    14 Nov, 2022 01:14am

    i think you should try creating a new account


  • Jamison Prianos commented
    14 Oct, 2022 02:10pm

    Evidently I can't edit or delete my previous comment, so just updating here that the sender name (not email from address) should be something we can research.

  • Jamison Prianos commented
    13 Oct, 2022 03:28pm

    We cannot change the from email address on a sent email from our servers to anything that isn't or it will be rejected due to the server not matching the domain. We can offer this feature to allow individual users to send within their domain, but that doesn't change anything with needing the custom SMTP configuration.