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Dynamic Editor menu items

Hi Team,

Robert was doing a lightly customized presentation for Accenture Federal. The demo started with a word docx with a super simple 6 field tagged form, which he then workflowed into OnTask and populated the fields as per the tags. [%FirstName%] for example. Then, he added a field to the document, a signature field I believe.

My thought was that it would be nice to have a new menu heading in Editor for 'ontask data tags'. Could the menu populated at runtime with tags based on a users login, content type, or possibly the task at hand? Thanks.

I'm aware that PM and Devs for Editor would be making these changes. If the feature is attractive to Ontask customers, or isn't, it is up to OnTask to help the Editor PM prioritize the backlog. It's ok to bin it too, I will try not to let it hurt my feelings. Thanks for reading!


  • Brandon Mount
  • Mar 10 2023
  • Needs review
Requested by: Internal Request
Prospect/Customer(s) Company Name(s): Accenture
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