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Bulk document download

As an Admin, I would like to request a bulk download of my workflow files.

Customers often ask about the ability to download all of the document associated with a particular workflow. Here is a use case example.

  1. I create a workflow that generates one of more files per instance.

  2. I run the workflow in bulk and send it out to 100 employees.

  3. After all workflows complete. I would like to request an Archive download link for all workflows in the Completed state.

  4. In the background OnTask creates an Archive (could be multiple file RAR if needed) of all files associated with the workflow. Then it send email to the Admin with a link to download the archive files.

This is similar to the way Google handles Take Out when you close your account with them.

This use case can be extended to also allow the user to filter the Complete workflow list by date or other variable in prior to the archive request.

  • Irina Tabac
  • Oct 28 2021
  • In Progress
Originated by: Jeremy Ramos, Annie Nisbaum
Requested by: Customer
Prospect/Customer(s) Company Name(s): Nunez Resources LLC
$$$ Opportunity Size (Required for Prospects): 1070