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Time zones

Timer Task to include time zones and times vs just date.

  • Irina Tabac
  • Nov 8 2021
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  • Johnie Heath commented
    7 Nov, 2022 09:01am

    Road Trip Nation also has this need. It would be great if the Timer Task took into account time zones and actual timings as well as dates five nights at freddy's

  • Guest commented
    11 May, 2022 04:15am

    I have run into this issue as well making templates where I have a field that requires a time input and users have to input the time manually

  • Michael Griffith commented
    10 Nov, 2021 04:00pm

    This was a need for Road Trip Nation as well. Timer Task to include time zones and times vs just date would be fantastic

  • Guest commented
    10 Nov, 2021 03:56pm

    I have yet to sell my use case to a specific customer, but I do pitch it as a common pinch/pain point available for HR automation.

  • Admin
    Irina Tabac commented
    10 Nov, 2021 03:45pm

    Which customer is it? Also, please vote for this idea by hitting "vote" button

  • Guest commented
    10 Nov, 2021 01:59pm

    My Interview Packet Generation and Distribution Workflow, needs this specific feature. Otherwise the time task drops at 6pm Est only.

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