Product Ideas

Allow WF designers to TEST RUN the mechanics and flow of a WF template

As a user, I would like the ability to perform a test run of my workflow in full or partial so that I can determine if changes are needed in the flow or branches to obtain the desired outcomes.

Things to look into:

  • Running through the workflow

    • Email tasks within workflow… what test data could work?

    • Bypass manual entry with default data (check with Harrison for a tool)

  • Consider expanding “Milestones” to be checkpoints

  • Checkpoints like in code, run to a checkpoint and stop to check options and continue

  • Maybe expand trainings on Milestones to be able to utilize them as checkpoints?

  • Maybe get "checkpoints" to flow to CSV and Webhook outputs?

Tools to learn from:

  • Email drip with templates / triggers

  • Send grid.. Test your template before sending

  • Test all or specific pieces?

  • Similar to Landon’s Zapier

  • Default data to test with, pre-populate

  • Jeremy Ramos
  • Nov 11 2021
  • Future consideration
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