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As a developer, I would like FormFix to intelligently pad a template canvas to better align wtih a process image

A customer is using FormFix to identify incoming process images against their form templates. But, they're noticing that, since the incoming image has a longer height than matched template, the content at its bottom is being cropped off. This is because FormFix will only use the canvas size of the template image. Adding extra whitespace to the bottom of the template allowed all of the incoming content to carry over after the form was aligned.

Requesting that FormFix intelligently judges how much space the canvas should be padded with so that it could include the non-structured content from the incoming image. Having this feature will allow users to maintain the full content on their image before and after being aligned in FormFix.

Original incident: IN-135144

Thank you.

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  • May 15 2018
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