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As a developer, I would like better support for PDF form files created with Apple Preview

A customer has some PDF documents that were originally created with Apple Preview. These files contain form fields with data. But, when opening them in ImageGear for C/C++ and saving them to a new PDF, they're finding that these files do not show the field contents in Acrobat until the user clicks on them. This apparently was the default Acrobat behavior when loading the source PDFs directly, but Adobe released a patch which now allows the files to show their contents. But, when being processed through ImageGear in-between, the output makes Acrobat behave in its old way.

Currently, ImageGear does not support the reconstruction of appearance streams - which is what Acrobat is doing since their patch that fixes the issue on their end. Requesting that this feature get added into ImageGear as well to provide better handling of PDF files that are created from Apple Preview.


Associated ticket: PR-430

  • Howard Means
  • Oct 27 2017
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