Product Ideas

web based document merge and creation

why - As a developer of desktop based imaging software, our existing desktop applications allow for image processing. Specifically opening a document, perhaps two, in thumbnail view,  and performing insert, delete, split, merge, reorder operations. Also useful to change backgrounds, add border, add caption, and finally a page divider icon to allow reference where one document ends and another begins.

who - Anyone is Healthcare, Financial / Lending, and Government who needs to package documents from multiple sources in to one document with all information needed for the recipient to carry on with the workflow at hand. This could be medical Case Management, Lending Packages, and Training packages. The primary document type is TIF.

how - That is up to you, but a thumbnail list of documents that are drag and droppable and flaggable for change or tagging would work. As long as it is web.


  • Brandon Mount
  • Jun 12 2018
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