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I would like a sample for the ASP.NET HTML5 viewer that shows document cleanup and editing

Why is it useful? Certain business segments have a requirement for editing scanned images. Apart from MSOffice nd PDF, these are the most common formats in document management. Anyone looking at html5 document viewing has two options from Accusoft, PrizmDoc or ImageGear. Neither provide any type of document editing.

ImageGear has the advantage of a document editing toolset as part of ImageGear Core. If samples were available showing how to perform edits (crop, tilt/deskew, rotate, insert, delete) in the viewer then ImageGear has a strong argument against PrizmDoc. 

PrizmDoc customers regularly request editing like this, but that product doesn't seem headed in that direction. Until ImageGear provides the editing features, Accusoft has a weakness in the document editing web tools we provide.


  • Brandon Mount
  • Aug 5 2018
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