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Problem running the licensing tool (SLU.EXE) on Microsoft Surface Pro


Installing a client license using Accusoft’s SLU on a Microsoft Surface pro doesn’t work as expected or as documented in the SLU readme.txt file.

Here are the “extra” things I had to do to get the SLU to run on my Surfaces.

 On the version of Windows delivered on the Surface, %SYSTEMROOT% is not a supported variable. You must specify a physical device.

  1. Neither comdlg32.ocx nor comctl32.ocx are supplied with Windows 10. They must be imported from a different version of Windows and copied in to the System32 folder.
  2. In the file properties there is a new “blocking” feature which prevents DLLs, OCXs, and the like from being used after being copied to a new box.

     See images "ComCtrlOCX_Properties.PNG" & "AccuLicClient_Properties.PNG"

  4.  Since the Surface version of Windows is missing both comctrl32.ocx and comdlg32.ocx, and they’ve been copied to the Surface Pro, they have to be unblocked. The AccuLicClient.dll has to be unblocked as well.

  5.  To run RegSrv32 successfully it has to be (most conveniently needs to be) run through PowerShell (Admin).

See image "Accusoft Run As.PNG"

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  • Sep 26 2018
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