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API call to check the status of and refresh a viewing session


Would like to have a API call available for checking the status of a viewing session (to see if it's healthy, expired, time to live, etc.) and to refresh the viewing session (or create a copy) if it is about to expire.


So we would like to have more precise control over a viewing session. Specifically, we would like to create an environment where a user a opens a document in the viewer, leaves their computer for some time, and come back to an automatically refreshed viewing session.

  • Jeremy Smith
  • Dec 28 2016
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  • Guest commented
    10 Jun, 2021 06:41pm

    I agree this would be a very useful piece of functionality for us as well. We have usecases where a user is viewing a very dense document that might have 1000's of pages. When the session times out they lose where they were in the document when the session gets refreshed by our application. Causing them lots of pain and rework to get back to where they were.

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