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Add horizontalAlignment property to TextInputAnnotation

It would be very helpful to have the horizontalAlignment property available with TextInputAnnotation.


As a client said:

"As I said in the meeting I had to make changes to our current target-creation implementation in order to get the horizontal aligning functionality to work. In simple words, it was required for those fields that had a justification other than “Left” given that the type of annotations we were using do not support setting horizontal alignment out of the box (aka RectangleAnnotation, TestInputSignature). Moreover, the only annotation type I found including a function to set the horizontal alignment was “TextAnnotation”. As some other findings, I noticed that the “TextAnnotation” generates a textarea element (need styling to fit the rectangle) whereas  “TestInputSignature” generates an input element that auto fits to the rectangle (no further styling required). However, I saw that for upcoming user stories we will end up requiring both provided that the first one allows us to set horizontal alignment and some other things as shown in the table below, while the latter is the only one that will accept a mask. So based on that I changed the code to create the appropriate target mark based on the field attributes and let things structured to include masking in the future. Now that you mentioned that accusoft could help us create a new annotation that includes all we need, I totally agree that it would be the best option to keep the code clean and things simple for us specially when it comes to scenarios that both alignment and masking are required simultaneously."

  • Isaac Yousuf
  • May 16 2017
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