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As a PrizmDoc user, I would like to have auto-fields/formulas from word/excel documents provide additional functionality

It would be helpful if certain auto-fields or formulas on documents when rendered in PrizmDoc have additionally functionally so that they are more versatile

For example, I may have a template date field on a form letter that I would like to be able to render the date by passing it's value to through the API.

Or a formula field, where I can either render the actual formula, or pass it a value (also through the API) and have the PrizmDoc render the actual value.

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  • Jul 13 2017
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  • Ben Reid commented
    3 May, 2018 02:33am

    In Excel, the ability to view cell-formulas on-demand would be very useful, as the importance/significance often lies in the formula rather than the calculated value. This could be done perhaps by displaying additional detail when the mouse rolls over a formula cell, or have a particular tool that allows you to select a cell and then view the formula. Rendering all cell formulas at once could make the spreadsheet difficult to follow, so an option to view individual ones on-demand would therefore be useful.

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