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Acrobat Reader DC Annotations - Fix 2 issues


I have a use case where Annotations are made on PDF files outside of the application containing PrizmDoc, using Acrobat. PrizmDoc should display those annotations.

I have done brief testing using the latest version of Adobe Reader DC for Windows, and viewing the annotations created in PrizmDoc 12.4. 

As far as I can tell, all the annotations display, there are only two issues. 

  1. Adobe StickyNotes display only the placeholder, not the comment on the notes, which is in the sidebar in adobe. (Anything in the sidebar is not displayed).
  2. Adobe Highlight becomes a yellow redaction in PrizmDoc.

Everything else seems to translate well. Obviously this is one way, you can't edit the annotations in PrizmDoc, and any new annotations made in PrizmDoc would need to be burnt to a pdf before opening in Adobe.

So, 2 requests

  1. Fix the display of the highlight, and the stickynote (probably harder, requires #2 below)
  2. PrizmDoc should be able to capture the metadata from these Adobe Annotations and display them as comments linked ot the annotations in PrizmDoc.


  • Brandon Mount
  • Aug 8 2017
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