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As a customer, I would like to be able to override the date format that Excel has to display it in prizmDoc with the settings I have in my Server.

Currently, when you display an Excel document with a date and time format on it that contains an asterisk (*) symbol, prizmDoc uses the settings that are on the Server to display it. This is because Excel specifies that any cell that has a date and time formats with the asterisk (*) symbol,  it responds to changes in regional date and time settings that are specified in your server. 
Formats without an asterisk (literals) are not affected by the server settings, and currently, PrizmDoc cannot override this.

For example, if my Server's settings are in the format dd/mm/yyy and I have an excel document that has a format setting with the asterisk (*), prizmDoc opens the document with my Server's format (dd/mm/yyy).

Otherwise, if I have a document that is in the format mm/dd/yyy and I open it in prizmDoc with my Server's settings dd/mm/yyy, it will open the document with the format (mm/dd/yyy)

It would be nice if I can use any time format, not only the ones that have asterisks, and display the documents in prizmDoc with my regional settings. 

  • Erika Arango
  • Nov 15 2017
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  • Mark Fears commented
    17 Nov, 2017 05:56pm

    Rendering the date according to server's regional setting by ignoring the absence of the asterisk is counter to how most users would expect the date to be rendered.

    They would expect PrizmDoc to exhibit the same behavior as the native application (Excel). PrizmDoc intentionally respects the behavior of the native application so that the resulting render is predictable for users.

    Since this behavior would be different than the behavior of the native application (Excel) in which these documents had been created, users would need the ability to enable or disable this feature.

    Do you envision on/off switch as a setting in the server configuration file (meaning this would be the behavior for all spreadsheets) or would this be in the public API so you can enable this feature on a per document basis?

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