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As a developer I would like PrizmDoc to support viewing of large Excel documents

I would like the ability to view and print these documents. Currently, it is very inconvenient to print a large excel document, requiring converting to PDF first, then opening in the viewer. 

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  • Jan 15 2018
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  • Dec 13, 2019

    Admin response

    Performance improvements for PrizmDoc Viewer for Excel documents were released over multiple versions:

    13.1 Performance Improvements

    • Faster first page load times in the viewer. First page of content in the Viewer loads faster now, especially for large Microsoft Office documents.

    • Faster page loading when scrolling. Page content loads more quickly when scrolling through a document in the Viewer.

    • Faster retrieval of document text. Eliminated the occasional slowness in getting document text.

    13.3 Improved Rendering of Microsoft Excel Documents

    New Excel rendering and pagination options. PrizmDoc Viewer can now paginate and render Microsoft Excel documents while preserving the original page dimensions and margins specified in the document (matching the Page Layout rendering mode of Microsoft Excel). This is a non-default rendering option, which needs to be explicitly turned on. For more information, refer to the Central Configuration topic.

    13.3 Improved Office Conversion Service Task Scheduler Performance for LibreOffice Users

    Faster conversion of Office documents. We've rewritten the task scheduler inside the Office Conversion Service (OCS) to improve performance. OCS processes its requests with multiple workers that execute in parallel. There are now a larger number of workers, keeping more documents resident in memory simultaneously, while continuing to have the same amount of execution concurrency (so as to not overwhelm the server). This means that document reloading by the workers happens less frequently, gaining performance overall.

    13.4 Enhancements and Improvements

    • Improved stability under load. Conversion performance has been enhanced to avoid system degradation in high-volume periods.

    • Lower CPU usage when converting large Microsoft Excel documents.

    • Faster conversion of Microsoft Office documents. We've optimized the system to more efficiently convert multiple Office documents, even in periods of heavy usage.

    13.10 New viewing option for Excel Documents

    Accusoft has built an advanced spreadsheet viewer called PrizmDoc Cells to give PrizmDoc Viewer users the ability to review Excel files exactly as they would appear in the native application. You can analyze formulas, view charts and graphs, view multiple spreadsheets in a single workbook, search for content, and navigate without pagination.

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    24 Aug, 2018 03:22pm

    As a customer, I would like the LibreOffice version of PrizmDoc to support the viewing of large Excel documents. Currently, viewer performance with these large documents is slower than the MSO version.

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