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As a user, I would like to have PrizmDoc auto-detect the print page size

A customer is printing documents are varying page sizes. In their case, they've noticed that the footers they add to the document in Prizm are getting clipped in on the printout because the page size specified in Prizm was not the actual size of the document.

Specifying the actual print page size in Prizm will resolve this. But, the customer's asking for a way for Prizn to inherently know the page size of the loaded document when it goes to print and suggest an ideal page size when the user goes to print. Having this feature will help users reduce the number of times that they'd need to manually select page sizes themselves in PrizmDoc.

Original support incident: IN-133770

Thank you.

  • Howard Means
  • Feb 6 2018
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  • Ashok Kunchala commented
    24 May, 2018 12:11pm

    And also , we need to select the page size as 'Legal' in both prizm settings and also the browser print dailog to print the footer on the document.

    User cannot print the documents always on legal sized papers in printer, it must be letter or A4.

    And also in some cases even the legal page size is slicing the footer of the document.


    As you are providing the headers and footers to the document in prizmdoc, you have to check wether user can print the same document using the viewer. because when ever if we add a header and footer for every document, we can print the both directly from the viewer completely.


    Please look into this issue and make it as your planned fixes, as it will help many other users.

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