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PrizmDoc AutoRedaction plus 'area adjacent X,Y, size, orientation'

As a user, I am processing thousands of forms, and we try to use auto-redaction and search and redact whenever possible.

Often I have documents with many dates on the document. The only date I can redact is the PII, the 'Date of Birth' date. I can identify the field label with a search for 'DOB' and variations to identify the field label. I would like to know if there is a way to ask PrizmDoc to let me redact that search result, PLUS a region, defined by up down left right and size. So I could search and redact for the dob label and redact 'right, px 20' so I can autoredact the date, not based on a regex, that is too global.

I hope this makes sense. If there is a workaround to do it now please let me know. I tried using predefined search json - - but the options are too limited. If it had the option to preload proximity search, that might do it. An example that would work is on the page here - - SearchTasks. I can't get that to work for predefined search so I am guessing it's not enabled. 

It would be nice if this was easy to do in PrizmDoc. If you like the idea or are have questions please let me know.


  • Brandon Mount
  • Apr 18 2018
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