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As a developer, I want to safeguard users from printing redacted doucments to PDF through their print driver

A customer has raised a concern for a case where users might redact a document in the viewer and select to print it in the viewer. This will have all of the contents sent over to the print driver. But, if a user then selects a PDF print driver (or Save to PDF in Google Chrome), the contents are made into a vector-based PDF file. Users can then open the file in a PDF editor and remove the redaction areas to see the underlying content.

While this is natural as PrizmDoc is performing a typical print operation, the possibility of a user selecting this option and then choosing a PDF printer leaves room for a user to create a file may not be safe.

To help safeguard against this, perhaps logic could be added to the print button so that, when Prizm finds redactions on a document, it'll prompt the user and recommend choosing the download option if they want to have a PDF file created.

Thank you.

  • Howard Means
  • Mar 6 2020
  • Will not implement
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  • Mark Fears commented
    22 Sep, 2020 07:51pm

    This is not possible. Even if the user did try to use the print function in the web browser, the output would include only the part of the document that can be seen and it would include the web browser header. It would be obvious that the user did something wrong. And even if they did, when using the print to PDF, the content under the redaction is not include so simply removing the redaction bar would only show blank space underneath.