Product Ideas

PrizmDocEditor SelectedText Change event

We would like to know when the user has selected/deselected text. This would work together nicely with the insertText method already available and the idea request to have a Client-Side API getSelectedText method.

In the prizmdocEditor demo, the ability to insert "common phrases" (i.e. "Expense Clause" and "Conflict of Interest Clause") is shown. This is a good feature. We would like the ability to grab the selected text so that our users can more easily create "common phrases" on-the-fly. In order to create a common phrase the user needs to select/copy/paste. It would be a better user experience to allow the user to select a well written phrase and click a button (that we provide). Our button would call the new getSelectedText to get the text (copy) and then paste the text inside of the "common phrases" collection.

We would like to know when the user has selected text so that we can enable/disable the create "common phrases."

  • Jeff
  • May 20 2020
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