Product Ideas

Add ability to change meta data for a document.

If you open a document in Word, you can see the author of the document, when it was created, etc. We would love it if Prizmdoc allowed us to modify the meta-data of files, during a clone or an upload. We would like this because of two features we have in our app. To allow our users to "create" a new document (something that can't happen in the current Prizmdoc Editor), we copy a stock blank document and tie it to the user. In our app, we also allow users to copy generic templates. This allows our users to have a "stock" document/template that they can just tweak to fit their needs. Although our customers love these features, it causes confusion and frustration when our customers don't have their name as the author or a creation date that doesn't reflect when they "created" the document.

It would be awesome if during the API call we could pass up the meta-data we would want tied to the document.

  • Jeff
  • Jul 13 2020
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