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As a PrizmDoc Editor user, I would like to have the ability to track the changes made in the document in "Edit Mode".

Currently, I can only track changes in "Suggest Mode" and I would like to track changes for documents that are opened in "Edit Mode" and downloaded from the "Edit Mode" itself.

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  • Sep 15 2021
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  • Guest commented
    22 Dec, 2021 05:07am

    Hi team,

    We were able to see that, in the 'Suggest' mode also, we are able to do the required edit and the changes are getting high-lighted. So as you mentioned, if the document can also show the user that made the changes it will help us with the requirement.

  • Guest commented
    20 Dec, 2021 03:13am

    The ask is

    1. To have the track changes option available in the Editor mode as well.

    2. The user should be able to edit the document directly through the editor mode and once the document is downloaded, it should show the changes tracked against the user name, who made the changes.

    Hope this is clear now.

  • Mark Fears commented
    17 Dec, 2021 08:08pm

    What is being described appears to be the same "Suggest" in Editor. The main difference is how those tracked changes are shown in the downloaded .docx file. See the attached image which used the "Suggest" mode to make edits and then the document was downloaded with tracked changes.

    So to clarify, the need is that not only the tracked changes are shown in the downloaded document, the document should also show the user that made those changes. Is this correct?

  • Guest commented
    16 Dec, 2021 02:10pm

    This is of very high priority among our request now, since P-274 and P-275 were not implemented from your side, we had to find work around to include that feature.

    But this feature is something that can be done at the PrizmDoc editor component only. This is a very important feature for our customers as they are not able to do the review process without the track changes available once the documents are downloaded.

  • Guest commented
    16 Dec, 2021 01:22pm

    any update on this request?

  • Guest commented
    19 Oct, 2021 11:24am

    What we are trying to get as a feature is as below

    1. User opens the document in Edit mode

    2. User is accepting or rejecting the comments in Edit mode

    3. Currently we are able to see the accepted comments in the tracked changes once the document is downloaded.

    4. Now the ask is to have the track changes available for any edits or corrections made in the word document also to be available when the document is downloaded.

    5. Attaching the screenshot of the tracked changes for comments accepted. Like wise we need to have the changes tracked for any updates made to the content of the document.

  • Mark Fears commented
    12 Oct, 2021 04:11pm

    I'm needing to clarify this request.

    Are you looking to track edit changes for a revision history sort of mode? For example, do you want an API to assist with this?

    Or are you looking to put users into a mode that looks like Edit mode from the UI but is actually making normal suggest mode tracked changes under the hood?


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