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As a PrizmDoc Editor Integrator I would like to have time zone aware import and exports

Currently, an issue arises when a document is edited in Microsoft Word and subsequently displayed in PrizmDoc Editor.

Word stores timestamps with a "Z" at the end, indicating UTC, but will actually use the time of the local system. Prizm Doc Editors sees this "UTC" time and then converts it to its system local time. This conversion is unnecessary unless the time zone stored in Word is actually UTC.

I would like to be able to specify a time zone for the Word document so that all comment and tracked changes timestamps can be written in that time zone. This would add the ability to prevent the unnecessary conversion from taking place.

PrizmDoc Editor stores all of its times in UTC, so they would also have to be adjusted on export for the user to open the document with correct times in Word.

  • Kito Middleton
  • Jun 7 2022
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