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As a user of the Editor API, I would like to be able to delete all comments from a .docx file, without having to specify comment IDs

This feature was brought up by a customer during POC. The customer wants to be able to easily remove all comments from a Word document.

Currently, this can be done by:

  1. First, use the "Get Document Comments" API call, which returns all of the comment IDs in the document

  2. Then, specify all of these comment IDs in the "Delete Document Comments" API call

However, this requires the user to make two different API calls, and to implement logic for passing a list of all the comment IDs into the "Delete Document Comments" call. Especially for long documents with a lot of comments, this could be a lot of IDs to specify.

This feature request is for a single API call that removes all comments from the document, where the user doesn't have to specify any comment IDs.

  • Jared Geiger
  • May 12 2023
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