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Specify the orientation and page size that the content converter converts to.

As a customer I would like to be able to set the page dimensions in the content conversion services. Files with long lines of text lose formatting when put into the content converter as the converter defaults to a vertical file format.

Currently the only way to specify the size of the page is to open it with a 3rd party service to change the pages orientation and size before opening it in Prizm Viewer or uploading to the content converter.

If there was an option in the content converter to set the orientation(setOrrientation: ["Vertical", "Horizontal"]) and set the page size (setPageSize: ["Letter","Legal","Tabloid"], or set the size in a way similar to the maxHeight and maxWidth parameters) you wouldn't have to result to a third party.

  • Andrew Ealer
  • Aug 5 2021
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