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API call for e-signer form field values

It would be handy to be able to make an api call to see in simple json or xml the data that has been entered into a form. Basically the FormDefinitions API call plus the current values. 

This type of call would make it much easier to take the users data and input into a DB.

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  • Sep 17 2018
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  • Brandon Mount commented
    19 Sep, 2018 02:36pm

    Hi Accusoft Product Management team.

    As a user, I would like to be able to parse an Acroform in Automatic Forms Detection (AFD) and not only get the field definition, but also get the data already entered in the Acroform. As requested by the customer, it would be nice to have this in ViewerControl. I have other request for this capability as well.

    This would be very useful. Could PrizmDoc Viewer also be made to save the field ids and the field content as json server side? I think this would go hand in hand with another request, the ability to prevent data loss from form data that has been completed, and not saved or printed prior to viewingSession timeout. A save operation would allow users to 'rescue' data entered into a form that they left, forgot about, and returned to and discovered they need to start a new session. 'Would you like to load data from the server and continue?'

    Yet another similar request, is for the ability to load an Acroform and it's completed data in the viewer, and have a gui button to send the form through Automatic Forms Detection (AFD), getting the field ids and corresponding data in a DB ready json format. then the new form can be sent to the prospect with that data, and additional data from a DB, to another signee for completion. 

    I hope this is even a little clear, if possible, and if you have interest, these prospects and customers are likely available for collaboration on the user stories. Thanks!