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As a viewer of a non-downloadable, non-printable Excel doc, I want to be able to edit cells so that I can utilize the spreadsheet to its fullest capabilities

We utilize PrismDoc to make Microsoft Office files view only (i.e. non-downloadable, non-printable). When it comes to Excel files, the implication of this functionality is that an Excel file can only be static - a user can view the Excel but they will not be able to change anything within it.


Several of our customers have asked us to figure out a way to make their excel files accessible to users in a non-downloadable, non-printable format, that leverages the various sheet and cell protections but also makes the file usable.


For example, let's pretend Accusoft had a pricing calculator where the first tab is for the customer to insert number of licenses and number of conversions that yield a particular price and the second tab had your complex pricing matrix that you did not want the customer to see. The goal of this suggestion would be to give me access to the first tab, not be able to edit any of the cells other than the ones I am allowed to toggle and not be able to unhide any of the tabs that contain the pricing matrix. This would allow me to benefit from the model that was created but not take it with me.


That's it from me. Good luck and keep up the good work. 

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  • Oct 3 2018
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  • Sep 8, 2020

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    Accusoft has released a new product called PrizmDoc Cells. PrizmDoc Cells is a browser-based spreadsheet editor that supports native viewing and editing of XLSX files. You can view the documentation for PrizmDoc Cells here: or contact for more information.

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    3 Oct, 2018 03:06pm

    Thanks very much, and thanks for your time today!