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As a customer, I would like the option for PrizmDoc to print my documents as "fit to page".

When printing a document in PrizmDoc, the page is "fit to width" onto the paper, so the bottom of the page will be cut off in cases where the length of the page extends further than the length of the paper. If the document does not fit my paper, the bottom may be cut off. If I pick a paper size my document will fit on, there may be extra whitespace at the bottom of the document. As a customer, I would like the option for PrizmDoc to print my documents as "fit to page" so that the whole document will print on my paper regardless of its dimensions. This may cause extra whitespace on the sides of the document, but in some cases this is preferred. 

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  • Feb 7 2019
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  • Sam Lewis commented
    7 Jan, 2020 07:35pm

    I can't stress this enough. We regularly get a TON of docs that are just off in terms of their size. 8.5x11.5 for instance. For the customer this is a PAIN and most of them don't get it at all. I end up having to just resize all docs before I let anyone use them in prizm and shrink them to fit ahead of time. Wasted time and energy on image processing. 

  • Guest commented
    8 Feb, 2019 03:01pm

    Printing is unfriendly for my customers when they have to change page size to match a page they might not know the size of. On top of that, to get this done right, they have to download the pdf, then use adobe to print with fit to page settings.


    This feature would help that! THanks !

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