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As a customer, I would like PrizmDoc Viewer to allow Exact Phrase and Wildcard search options to be used simultaneously

Currently, PrizmDoc Viewer does not allow users to perform exact word/phrase and wildcard searches simultaneously. This appears to be by design as it is specified in the product documentation.

We believe these search methods should not be mutually exclusive. By way of example, when searching within the text "... this decision brings with it: choice and controversy, choice and control, and ...":

It should be possible to perform a search on “choice and con*” using both wildcard and exact phrase, which would result in finding both hits:
1. choice and controversy
2. choice and control

We have compared the PrizmDoc Viewer's search capabilities with other industry standard text searching software and found that these other searches provide us with expected results.

We contend that the ability to search using both wildcard and exact phrase options simultaneously is valid and should be available from PrizmDoc Viewer.

  • Ben Reid
  • Feb 15 2019
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  • Ben Reid commented
    25 Aug, 2021 12:43am

    Hi Team,

    I would like to re-raise this idea that we put forward back in early February 2019.

    As explained in the idea text above, the ability to search on Exact Phrase with Wildcards is a valid search technique.

    The ability to do this is available elsewhere within our product, so it would be very helpful if this were an officially supported feature of PrizmDoc Viewer.