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As a customer, I would like PAS to propagate SSL authentication errors encountered to the PAS logs

PAS has a configuration option which users can set if they want bad SSL ceritificates to be ignored. However, when this option is not enabled and PAS tries to retrieve documents from a URL with a bad SSL certificate, it will fail to retrieve the document and log a generic 580 error in the PAS logs. Since PAS supports changing this option in the configuration, it should be logging a more helpful error which can indicate to a user that they need to enable bad SSL certificates in their PAS config.

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  • Feb 27 2019
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  • Hammond Hui commented
    24 Oct, 2019 08:08pm

    ditto to this new idea, I'm too feeling the PAS log could be more informative when it comes to 4xx and 5xx errors. A lot of times I'm seeing errors, but the description simply said error object cannot be logged. If more information is being given, we can reduce the amount of time from both our end (customer) and your end (support engineer).

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