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As a user I would like the PrizmDoc Viewer to be able to render all of the data within a column or row that is currently cut off by Excel since the column or row is too small.

When viewing Excel documents in PrizmDoc Viewer, it would be useful to see all of the text / data within a column or row even when the text is cutoff in Excel because the column or row are too small in width or height respectively.  This would allow a person viewing the Excel document through PrizmDoc to be able to see all of the text / data entered without needing to open the raw document.  The thought would be to automatically force word wrap on the cells to allow this to show all of the data.  This would change the visual look of the spreadsheet when rendering it in PrizmDoc as compared to Excel but it will allow the user to see all of the text / data.  This capability should be an option that can be turned on and off within the PrizmDoc Viewer.

This is important since currently users reviewing Excel documents will always have to open the raw file in Excel to ensure no data was cut off in a cell.


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  • Jul 12 2019
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