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Add setting to PAS to explicitly set the S3 server endpoint

Sometimes it's necessary to deploy applications in airgapped environments, where access to AWS/Azure is simply not possible. Configuring file-system based storage is possible, but solutions like Minio allow having local, S3-compatible storage services that are easier to manage than actual disks/volumes/folders.

Since Minio is already S3 compatible, to make PrizmDoc PAS work with it, only an endpoint would need to be set (on top the existing ones like secret/access keys, bucket name, path, etc). For example: "s3"

# The new setting
documents.s3Endpoint: ""
documents.s3BucketName: "name_of_my_bucket" documents.path: "Samples/Documents"

Port and protocol could be specified as part of the URL (as the previous example), or as individual setting keys, like: "s3"

# New settings
documents.s3EndpointHost: ""
documents.s3EndpointPort: 7000
documents.s3EndpointProtocol: "http" # or "https"
# Or use a boolean to indicate when to use HTTP or HTTPS
documents.s3EndpointSecure: true # or false

documents.s3BucketName: "name_of_my_bucket" documents.path: "Samples/Documents"


This are the relevant docs from the S3 SDK for Node.js just to illustrate a bit more what I mean.

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  • Jul 16 2019
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