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As a developer, I would like to control the time zone displayed when viewing MSG files

When displaying MSG files, a customer would like to have the option of configuring the time zone that displays. In this particular case, they would like to force a certain time zone to always display. Having this feature would enable users to have the time content display specifically for users within a certain time zone.

Thank you.

  • Howard Means
  • Aug 16 2019
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  • Mark Fears commented
    13 Apr, 2023 09:20pm

    This feature is planned for PrizmDoc Viewer version 13.24 scheduled for end of June 2023 release.

  • Phil Haselden commented
    19 Nov, 2021 12:08am

    I have moved my previous comment into it's own idea: PDV-I-857

  • Phil Haselden commented
    2 Nov, 2021 12:02am

    Rather than doing this (or in addition to it) why not let the client code provide the headers to be rendered for emails and other Outlook/MSG based documents such as appointments, contacts, etc.

    This would address a number of suggestions in this ideas database all at once.

    This would allow custom client code to:

    • Format email addresses. e.g. with name and email address, or just name etc.

    • Have more control over how "On Behalf Of" senders are displayed .

    • Calculate the Sent time to be displayed to be consistent with the rest of our application.

    • Format the Sent time value to be consistent with the rest of our application. (we use "dd MMM yyyy" for dates)

    • Display the fields in the order we want them to be displayed.

    • Potentially include/exclude fields. e.g. Add an Importance field if the importance is "High".

    • Provide type-specific fieldnames and values for other types of Outlook items such as Appointments, Notes, Contacts, etc.

  • Phil Haselden commented
    1 Nov, 2021 11:56pm

    We have the concept of Project TimeZone where each project can have a different base timezone. So setting it at the Prizm Server instance would not work for us.

  • Mark Fears commented
    26 Jan, 2021 06:46pm

    Hi everyone,

    The team is grooming the stories and SWAG'ing the effort this week so we can see where it can fit in our schedule. I hope to have an ETA soon.

  • S L commented
    26 Jan, 2021 05:49pm

    Hi Mark,

    We would prefer it on a user level, where the viewer can be initiated with a certain GMT offset

  • David Wilner commented
    26 Jan, 2021 04:28pm

    Hi Mark,

    We are brand new to Accusoft. This is a show stopping requirement for us, and we'll have to delay the release of the viewer until this is addressed. Do you have an an ETA by any chance?

  • Mark Fears commented
    25 Jan, 2021 02:09pm


  • David Wilner commented
    25 Jan, 2021 02:08pm

    The preference would be to have as much control as possible, so if you could set it at the user level, that would be best so your idea of using an API call to the server sounds like the answer.

  • Mark Fears commented
    25 Jan, 2021 02:03pm

    Once an idea is implement the portal will up update with version number and notifications will be emailed to all subscribers of the idea.

    So far we've not gotten any feedback on the question posted above which is blocking progress on this feature. If you have any thoughts about the above, please let us know by posting in the comments. Thanks!

  • David Wilner commented
    22 Jan, 2021 09:05pm

    has this been implemented yet?

  • Mark Fears commented
    16 Jan, 2020 03:58pm

    We are starting work on this feature request and have some questions so we know how this feature and API should be designed.

    Would you expect to set the time zone on a PrizmDoc per instance level or do you need the set the time zone on a per user viewing session level? This would make a big difference in the amount of work needed to satisfy this requirement.

    For example, if the control was at the instance level, then providing a configuration setting in the server config file would allow the time zone to be set for an instance of PrizmDoc which could be change later.

    However, if each individual user on the same instance would need to have different time zones displayed, then this would need to be set at the viewing session level using an API call to the server.

    Feedback would be very much appreciated.

  • S L commented
    19 Aug, 2019 01:15pm

    Thanks howard!

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