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Make any CCS conversion to an image format output 300 dpi instead of 150 dpi

Any conversion in PrizmDoc from Native Formatss to PNG or TIFF or JPEG creates, by default, 150 dpi images. In that case, PrizmDoc cannot be used for archiving projects. Almost all will require 300 dpi. 

NetCompany have the requirement to convert 4.5 Million Files, 6TBs or so, from Native to LZW TIFF, 300 DPI. 24 bpp color. Some of the Native files can potentially be converted by ImageGear, but not the EML or MSG, and the LO office in ImageGear will likely not meet their Fidelity requirements. I'm suggesting PrizmDoc to convert all files to PDF and then ImageGear to convert PDF to the required TIF format. It would be much easier if PrizmDoc could do it all though, and faster I am sure.

Could the 'under the hood' imaging engine in PrizmDoc be modified to produce images at 300 DPI? Best case scenario would be to make it configurable at 150,200 or 300.

Please know I tried to force CCS to create 300dpi by using the 'resize pages' max width and max height with some success, The api seems to max out at 4000 Height and that results in 275 dpi LZW 24 bpp color TIF or PNG, which is great, but I don't think acceptable as a production solution given source file dimension diversity and target page size variability. I would certainly be interested in learning more about how the imaging components in PrizmDoc work, if any training is available, or there are additional documents that explain the internal settings not exposed to end users.

This issue also has me thinking that perhaps the problems with OCR accuracy and any subsequent attempts at redaction where the redaction coordinate overlay does not properly mask the required area may be related to 150 dpi, which is not acceptable res for document imaging. Min would be 200 dpi according to Rick, but most projects will benefit from 300 dpi and that should be the standard.



keywords - Content Conversion Services, resolution, imaging, convert, TIF.


  • Brandon Mount
  • Sep 9 2019
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