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As a developer, I would like to display documents created with AutoCAD 2019

A customer is showing interest in being able to display CAD drawing (DWG files, for example) that were created with AutoCAD 2019. Currently, PrizmDoc loads CAD files at versions 2.5 through 2014. 

Having the ability to load more recent versions of the document will allow PrizmDoc to take advantage of their features, thus adding to the capability of the product.

  • Howard Means
  • Sep 19 2019
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  • Mark Fears commented
    17 Apr, 2023 05:49pm
    • AutoCAD AC1032 Format Support. The CAD rendering engine in PrizmDoc Server has been updated to now include support for the AC1032 format. In particular, this adds native support for the 2018-2023 versions of the DWG file type as well as improved support for the latest versions of DGN, DWF and DXF files. Additionally, PrizmDoc Server now also supports adding custom CAD fonts for improved fidelity.

    This feature is available in PrizmDoc Viewer version 13.20 and higher.

  • Andreas Andersson commented
    31 Oct, 2019 07:36am

    DWG support is one of the main reasons we chose Accusofts PrizmDoc viewer in the first place.

    It is extremely urgent for us that newer AutoCAD formats gets supported ASAP, or that Accusoft announces that they will no longer support AutoCAD if that is their plan so we in that case can move on to another viewer. 

    Would like someone from Accusoft to share their plans/thoughts on the way forward for their AutoCAD support.

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