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As a user, I would like to be able to add reasons to regular annotations

A customer is interested in having "annotation reasons" in the same vein as what we currently have as redaction reasons. One possible use for this is in a multi-tier document review workflow, where an end user creates an annotation and supplies a reason, while a user on a 2nd tier verifies and makes the final redaction, applying the original annotation reason as the redaction reason.

Thank you

  • Howard Means
  • Nov 26 2019
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  • Phil Haselden commented
    26 Nov, 2019 11:51pm

    Thanks Mark

    A number of our clients insist on using Annotations as "draft" redactions. So much so, that we have extended the viewer UI so that rectangle and highlight annotations can be converted into redactions with the click of a button. They now want the "drafts" (the annotations) to contain a reason already so that when they click the button the converted redaction gets the reason. 

    The use comments as comments, so we cannot use that them for storing reasons.

    We have considered supporting the conversion of text on text annotations into reasons, but it limits the type of annotations, and therefore the final redactions, that can be created and the user does not have the nice UI for setting the reason. 

  • Mark Fears commented
    26 Nov, 2019 03:58pm

    PrizmDoc currently supports attaching comment to a annotation which could be used in this manner. Redactions can also be applied with a reason but not burned into the document. A customer could also use the existing redaction with reason as a proof and then the second user could review and approve before making the redaction permanent.