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Export Translucent Redactions

Use Case for eDiscovery:

When exporting a document that has been redacted, there is a need to have two exports:

  1. one document that has the redactions in place protecting the confidential information from being viewed or the document modified so that the redaction content can be seen (redacted content is removed from the document) - this is supported by PrizmDoc today

  2. one document that has marks or some kind of indicator that parts of the document are redacted but the document still shows the redaction content. This could be a transparent redaction block which is similar to how PrizmDoc previews redactions today when viewing but this would be a printable document

The reason this is needed is when documents are taken into a court session, the redacted document would be provided to the judge with the redacted content removed and the translucent redacted document would be held by the customer's attorney and the attorney would be able to see what content was removed but still be able to read the content.

  • Mark Fears
  • Apr 8 2020
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  • Mark Fears commented
    28 Sep, 2020 08:16pm

    This feature was shipped in version 13.14 released on Sept 15, 2020.