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As a PrizmDoc Administrator, I would like the ability rotate all logs based on hours so the logs will rotate faster & not grow so big before they rotate

The prizm-services-config-yml file mentions the following # The number of rotated logs to keep in addition to the active log file.# Logs are rotated each day at midnight (UTC).## logging.daysToKeep: 7 If log rotation based of size looks to be complicated, then can we have additional property through which we can specify how often (in hours) can logs be rotated? Currently, logs are rotated at midnight (UTC).

To better control the use of our disk space, we would like the ability to have the application rotate logs based on hours. We understand that there are settings which apply to most logs and how many days to keep them, however, we also need to ensure all logs are rotated faster.

  • Mark Fears
  • Aug 13 2020
  • Planned
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