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As a PrizmDoc user, I would like the product to fully support the functions of the Apple Pencil so people can take full advantage of its features

This has the potential to greatly expand the viewing capabilities of PrizmDoc by allowing users to interact fully with it using the Apple Pencil.

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  • May 17 2021
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    19 May 03:13pm

    This issue was raised off the back of a HighQ client issue: our client's board members frequently have a requirement to annotate contracts and are using iPad Pro devices with the Apple Pencil. Having purchased an Apple Pencil myself, I investigated the precise issue by testing via the AccuSoft/HighQ platform implementation: most annotation types work as expected with the pencil, however, when using the Text Box tool, the user's expectation is that, having drawn the box, they should then be able to begin writing inside it - with the 'Scribble' functionality enabled on the pencil, their freehand text should be converted to text on-the-fly, as is the case when adding comments outside of the doc. The actual behaviour is that the user is able to begin freehand writing but as soon as their pencil leaves the screen, another text box is initiated, leaving them unable to continue writing.