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As a developer, I would like the option for only specified pages to be sent from the server

The performance issue we are trying to address is the server-side processing time when PrizmDoc is asked to pickup a large PDF (high number of pages, and high file size) and render a particular page of a PDF – say page 300 of 1000. The concern is regarding the total time from the initial request to process page 300 and the time Prizm then takes processing the PDF server-side and then sending page 300 back to the client.

It is also an intended effect to only serve up the relevant requested page, and not the ones surrounding it, nor any others from the document.

An example use case here is where a user may be shown just a single page of a document, without wanting them to be able to see any other pages of the PDF. Perhaps for security, timing, or for other reasons.

  • Brenden Moore
  • Nov 17 2021
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