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Allow PAS to created logs and data directories if they do not exist

As an administrator running 13.19 in docker on AWS Fargate:

For Prizm Server I'm able to configure logging and data directories as follows: "/logs/PCCIS/%HOSTNAME%"

This is very helpful as it prevents concurrent tasks from overwriting each other's files. This is working as expected for both logging and data directories for Prizm Server.

PAS however errors on startup if the configured logging directory does not exist (whereas Prizm Server creates the directory if it does not exist).

For example, the following will not work if /logs/PAS does not already exist.

logs.path: "/logs/PAS"

The error is:

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/logs/PAS/pas.log'

Ideally it would be helpful to be able to configure a path using a variable (same as for Prizm Server (example above)).

logs.path: "/logs/PAS/%HOSTNAME%"

This will keep the files for each PAS task in their own unique directory.

If PAS behaved like Prizm Server, and created the configured logs and data directories if they do not exist, then that would solve both the logs directory and the data directories issue.

  • Brenden Moore
  • Jan 12 2022
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