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Viewer will not show big numbers in Excel files in the same way!

If you in an .xlsx-file write 2 200 200 it will show 2,200,200 with commas in Viewer! :(

  • Gunnar Sandqvist
  • Jan 31 2022
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  • Mark Fears commented
    14 Apr, 2022 07:38pm

    Hi Gunnar,

    It appears that you are a PrizmDoc Cloud user. There is a option to view your spreadsheets using PrizmDoc Cells which is included in your cloud service.

    PrizmDoc Cells has a more native application viewing experience than using PrizmDoc Viewer.

    I tested an Excel file with the number + spaces and it rendered the same as Microsoft Excel. See attached image.

    Here is information on how to use PrizmDoc Cells here: