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As a user, I would like the option to make the formatting of certain source files, such as .DOCX or .PDF, available when extracting text

This feature would allow the user to recreate formatting from the source document so text in a viewing session can be placed in a separate document by the user. When enabled, this feature would support an API call that returns document text as well as formatting elements.

  • James Hale
  • Feb 24 2022
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  • Scott Szymanski commented
    1 Mar, 2022 10:11pm

    The source files should be txt, pdf, doc, docx, html, etc. When displayed in the viewer, a user could highlight the text, copy it, and then paste into an outside medium without losing spacing/formatting, such as bulleted lists, indentation, bolding, underlined data, etc. Currently, copy happens and it's able to be pasted as a long, single string, and will sometimes include non-printable characters. This would be a huge win to have this functionality back as we used to have.

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