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As a PrizmDoc integrator I would like the Auto Redaction service to use a more robust regex engine.

Currently, the Regex engine in use for Auto Redactions does not support lookbehind/ahead regex matching. Lookbehind and lookahead matching would be required to automatically redact content that exist in certain fields on a document, but the field name itself.

For instance, if I have a document with the field "Name: John Doe" and only want to redact the name value.

  • Kito Middleton
  • Jan 4 2023
  • Likely to Implement
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  • Larry Davidson commented
    7 Aug 05:28pm

    What is the timeframe to update the RegEx engine?

  • Max Amneus commented
    17 Jan 08:34pm

    The current regex engine also does not allow usage of assertion-characters, such as \w, inside brackets which requires regex sections to be reformulated when adding brackets and reduces interoperability with regexs from other flavors.

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